We are twin sisters who are very close and share everything. Since we were born, we’ve been used to doing everything together. We have lunch together every afternoon, we snack after school and we eat dinner together every evening. Then one day, we had to leave each other: one went to study in Madrid, the other in Paris. Despite this, nothing changed, we call each other about five times a day to tell each other everything. We really tell each other everything, to the point that we won’t do anything without the other’s advice, and that can annoy some people. We are still as close and still share everything but this doesn’t stop us from arguing just as much. But we have the shortest arguments in the world because two seconds later we call each other back as if it was nothing and still love each other just as much.
People always ask us what it means to have a twin and we always respond that it’s the most beautiful thing in the world and we dream of having our own twins one day!

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