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The book Humans of Paris

The diversity of the French capital city at your fingertips.

It is the result

of more than three years of wanderings and encounters.

Marco is the co-founder of the Humans of Paris community, and posts every day (or close to) a new portrait of a Parisian. The book Humans of Paris gathers more than 450 previously unpublished pictures, each with an anecdote, story, ou dialogue born out of the encounter between the photographer and its subjects.

It is a real (re)discovery of Paris through the faces of its inhabitants. As a whole, it paints a vibrant image of the capital city, and proves wrong the preconcieved ideas about Parisians. Beyond the stereotypes, we are all humans…

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The photographer and the publisher

The ones who made everything possible.


Marco Hazanis is 18 years old, a law student and passionate about photography. He is very curious, and likes to discover new places and people. That is why, more than three years ago, Marco started the Humans of Paris project on Facebook. His camera is never far from him : he take pictures of the “humans” while going to college, or walking around with friends, or going home, or during parties, exhibitits, events…
Marco also likes to get mail, so do not hesitate to contact him !

Cent Mille Milliards

Cent Mille Milliards is a new publishing house, with an already strong and diverse catalog : novels, short stories, debates, cooking, ideas… Furthermore, it has adapted its business model and practices to the modern digital age. The connection with Humans of Paris was instantaneous, and the potential for an ambitious and beautiful book appeared quickly. That potential is today materialized in the book that you will soon hold in your hands.